The Bowling Shirts Fashion

Used as a summer’s fashion choice, the iconic 1950s bowling shirts have led by example. From bobby socks to poodle skirts, it was an era of recognizable fashion styles. One of the most popular trends was the bowling shirts, which were commonly worn by the cool guys. They were combined with a pair of jeans, fitted baseball boots, and a high quiff.

Best bowling t-shirts are originally made from cotton with geometric designs. The bowling t-shirts have often been said to mimic the designs of classic Hawaiian shirts in their construction. They are box cut with short sleeves, small collars, with a button up front appearance. Many fshirts had single breast pockets mostly on the left side, embroidered with initials and other monograms.

So many bowling t-shirt fans do not know the difference between the bowling shirts they wear and their Hawaiian counterpart. The difference is mostly the distinctive color block patterns. This exclusively means that Hawaiian shirts have a traditional intricate tiki design whereas shirts for bowling have a distinctive and bold look which gives them an edgy, rockabilly look.

During the 1950s, the sport, bowling was at its peak in popularity status. Many young people would gather in these various bowling alleys as it is shown in many movies back in the day. In 1958, the professional bowlers association was formed, making bowling a major sporting event, with leagues coming up which translated to the trend of the bowling tshirts. Though nowadays it is not as popular, the bowling shirts fashion has seen a tremendous popularity growth over the years.

The most significant reason for that is the edgy, iconic look the shirts give to their wearers. They just embody hip as seen in many movies. An example would be a red shirt with contrasting black front collars, with a shoulder piping and exquisite red sleeves. This fashion style till date inspires fashion designers across the board as many brands compete every day to come up with contemporary shirt fashion styles. Despite their significant difference in style, the shirts fashion designs are still recognizable and a constant stylish choice for many people, especially those that try to perfect the popular rock and roll look, just like in the history of pop culture.

Fashion house Gucci have given this shirts an updated and modern twist. They have gone out of their traditional way to add a shimmer shake to the modern bowling t-shirt fashion with fine embroidery. The Gucci bowling shirt is boxy cut. It is designed to be worn¬† loose over the pants or shorts. This shirt comes with an appealing lay flat collar, with the top button left undone. Lanvin, a French label, on the other hand, offers a silk material, two-toned bowling shirts. They also have stuck to the original bowling tshirt intentions of the design. Their shirts are complete with piping. It is also seen that other fashion brands have borrowed its hot rod and rockabilly roots to give a triple malt effect in the shirts’ gloss over.